Dear Dog

Hi there! I thought it was time that I wrote you directly. (You’ve left some nice comments on my previous posts.) I’m taking a short break from my letters to my Aunt, and it’s nice to extend my horizons, so to speak, with regards to my new friend … You!

Thank you so much for the compliment on my Italian. I’m still studying French but I want to be a multi-lingual kitty, so that’s why the switch to Italian. I’m thinking Spanish next, but I haven’t made my mind up, yet. Time will tell.

How have you managed to type with your nose? And has your human figured out that you use the computer when he’s not there? That keyboard must get pretty yucky. I’ve given some thought to your question on typing and I’m sure your nose must get very sore from hitting those keys. Plus, do you go cross-eyed from being so close to the keyboard or do you back up and have a look before you hit the next key?

Look around and see if your human has any pencils with erasers on the ends of them. (erasers are little pink bits at one end, but do not eat them. they could make you sick.) Anyway, there are two ways to use a pencil for the typing. First off, wedge it between a couple of toes, eraser pointing down. (this way it won’t slip off the keys.) And just tap each key as you go.

Secondly, and a bit harder, you could hold the pencil between your teeth, eraser side out of your mouth and type that way. The only problem with this method is that you can seriously go cross-eyed and get a major kink in your neck from holding the pencil on the side of your mouth, plus you might drool onto the keyboard and that is not a good thing.

Thank you for the support on the “territory thing“. You’re absolutely right, humans just do… not… get… it. That cat shouldn’t have been on my property, but I’m not able to enforce it because I am not an outdoor kitty. Mum doesn’t like to think about what could happen to a little munchkin like me. So many other wicked cats, dogs, and other animals, like eagles. We have some bald eagles that live in our area and I would not like to end up on their menu. That would kill mum. I’m not certain about the overlapping territory thing as I am still quite young and haven’t had much to do with other kitties except for my litter mates and that was so long ago that I barely remember, but if I ever find out I will let you know.

Now on to the black beetle advice you gave me. It’s nice to know but I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to put it into practice. Not unless one of them wanders in off the street. The front door screen has a gap at the bottom and that makes it easy for all sorts of bugs to just come on in.

Oh, and I will definitely watch out for red or orange beetles. I don’t want to get sick like that Chihuahua you mentioned. I hope he got better. And what about those stink bugs? Wow, that’s a funny name for a bug. Do they really stink? Thanks for the heads up on beetle hunting in general, it’s much appreciated, I will file it away for future use.

I hope that you find my tips for writing helpful. I’m so grateful for your support, advice, and understanding in the other matters. I hope I hear from you soon Dog and please take good care of yourself.

Yours truly,



One thought on “Dear Dog

  1. Dog says:

    dear kitty,

    trying the pencil between the toes works so much better! i only have to use my nose or other paw for shift now. i don’t like having to use shift, so that’s why i do all lowercase.

    my human always thought that i just slobber on his keyboard while i look out the window. wooof, he’ll never know!

    i scared a stinkbug once. ever heard of skunks? they smell like that. my human had to bathe me in tomato juice, which would have been a dream come true – bathing in food – but everything tasted skunky with that heavy smell. maybe i can convince him to bathe me in it normally. or chicken broth. can you imagine swimming in CHICKEN BROTH? almost as lovely a thought as that one where i’m rolling in a field made of bacon.

    woooof, good thing i didn’t hold the pencil in my mouth. major drooling going on here.

    the chihuahua got better all right. yaps up a storm like there’s no tomorrow. not wanting to sound unkind to another creature, but i wish i could stuff him in something soft to make the yaps quieter. that happened with my squeaky hamburger once. it got buried under couch pillows and i could barely hear it when my human sat down.


    your friend,


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