Letters to Aunt Annie – 5

Dear Aunt Annie,

It’s been a while since my last letter to you. Life gets busy, as you well know, and before you know it, months have passed.  Continue reading


Dear Dog

Hi there! I thought it was time that I wrote you directly. (You’ve left some nice comments on my previous posts.) I’m taking a short break from my letters to my Aunt, and it’s nice to extend my horizons, so to speak, with regards to my new friend … You! Continue reading

Letters to Aunt Annie – 4

Mio carissimo zia Annie,

(My Dearest Aunt Annie) Continue reading


Letters to Aunt Annie – 3

Chère tante Annie,  Continue reading


Letters to Aunt Annie – 2


Dearest Aunt Annie, Continue reading


Letters to Aunt Annie, 1

I have just decided to write letters for Luna as she wishes to correspond with her favorite Auntie. I’m not sure how many there will be, but they will be numbered so that you won’t lose track. (just in case she wants to write other posts in amongst the letters.) Continue reading


Blogging for one year EVERY SINGLE DAY

I’ve followed this blog for almost as long as she’s blogged. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog and thought I would re-blog it for sharing.


Here it is – 59 minutes to midnight on the East Coast and I have one thing on my mind: I HAVE A JOB TO DO. I can’t tell you exactly what it has meant o me to meet this deadline every single day. I have made something new and somehow produced it no matter what came in my path – hurricanes, separation anxiety, weight gain, and general dissatisfaction with how I am running my life… you get my drift, and it feels amazing – it feels empowering.

Today was a solid Win. Little Sister made it through soccer without a single tear, without a single tug on my arm – just fully participated. (Yes, this is normal behavior and should be expected, but for us this is CAUSE FOR A CELEBRATION). Tonight, we got together with our friends who happen to be our neighbors and we made quesadillas, and…

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Ninja Me, Ninja You

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Me and Mum were talking and we thought it would be a great idea to finally post this series of pictures. Mum has taken them over the last few months. Continue reading


Life of a Ninja Cat

Hi there. Me and mum were talking and we (she) decided to talk about my growing Ninja Ways.

When I first started practicing to be a ‘Ninja Cat’, (was it only one year ago? sigh… time flies.) I would run at mums legs when she was getting into bed. It was a safe way of practicing and ensuring that I didn’t knock mum over. That’s most important, we DO NOT hurt our mums. Continue reading


My Latest

It’s been quite some time since me and mum made any preparations or talked about posting on my blog. (Personally, mum has been busy sorting out papers and such in her search for the story she started writing many years ago, long before I was a gleam in my great, great, great, great….. (you get the idea) eyes. Continue reading