Mum here! I was on my way to take the garbage out and noticed something strange. One of my shoes had an insole hanging out. It reminded me of a wounded soldier, the pink on the insole… well, it wasn’t a pretty sight.

I bent over to pick up the shoe in order to push the insole back in but it stuck; it would NOT go back in. What the heck was happening here? I know that sometimes, when I wear this particular pair of shoes with-out socks, that the insole will follow my foot out of the shoe. I leaned in to view the inside of the shoe to determine just why it wasn’t going back together and found the reason. One of Luna’s paper-balls was settled into the toe, looking mighty comfortable in there.  Now, the reason still has not come to me, but just how the heck did she get that paper ball in there? I mean, the insole would not go back in because the ball was underneath it. This will remain one of lifes little mysteries. (Should I ever find the reason why this happened, I’ll let you know.)

Climbing the Chair

Luna nails in my best chair and me, egging her on to get her nails out of the fabric. It wasn’t happening, even with her trying, desperately, to get her nails un-stuck. Uh uh, no way Jose. With each foot released from the fabric, the other one would get stuck just a little higher.  So in order for one foot to be released, the other one had to be higher, she was starting to go up on tippy-toes. Her feet kept going higher and at one point she made the decision… “if I can’t get loose and keep my back feet on the floor, there’s only one way to do it. Climbing is the only option!” And just like that, the back feet dug into the chair and she began climbing. Foot by foot  (hers) once she got to the top, all nails released and end of story.



Mum and me have been talking about what we want to put in my next post. We decided to talk about the life-cycle of our fur-babies and what a commitment it is. We take on a responsibility and pledge to each other that the human will be there for the baby, for the lifetime of that animal. Continue reading

August 12, 2016

The Fly Hunt / Safari

When ever there is a flying critter in the house, Luna always look like she’s strung out on some drug. The leaps, pirouettes, the rolls and charges, up and down the hallway, sounding like a herd of elephants. The moves she makes are like a professional acrobat. She flies herself, at times, and sails over, under and into a myriad of general household items sitting in different areas of the house. Continue reading