Dear Dog – 5

The Incident
My dear friend Dog,

I was so very pleased to hear from you. I had thought I wouldn’t hear from you again as it had been so long since my last letter to you. You can well imagine my delight when I read your latest letter. (I know I’m not the best letter writer as it sometimes takes me a long time to respond. I’m sorry about that.) Continue reading

Life of a Ninja Cat

Hi there. Me and mum were talking and we (she) decided to talk about my growing Ninja Ways.

When I first started practicing to be a ‘Ninja Cat’, (was it only one year ago? sigh… time flies.) I would run at mums legs when she was getting into bed. It was a safe way of practicing and ensuring that I didn’t knock mum over. That’s most important, we DO NOT hurt our mums. Continue reading