Letters to Aunt Annie – 4

Mio carissimo zia Annie,

(My Dearest Aunt Annie)

Io sono così eccitato per essere iscritto in italiano, che le mie zampe sono tremore. (translation: I am so excited to be writing to you in Italian, that my paws are trembling.)

That’s enough Italian for the moment. I got bored with the French but my paws trembled for another language so I thought I’d give the Italian a try. Impressive is it not!

No successful hunts in the recent past to report. I’ve tried my darndest but had absolutely no success. So I’m just using the hunt as a means of exercise. Doesn’t hurt a gal to keep her figure, right!  😉 I do, however, wish to let Dog know that I answered his last message about the ants. I told him that yes, ants are spicy, but I’m like mum, I don’t really enjoy spicy foods so I just kill the ants when I find them. Thank heavens for mum though, as she found the biggest ant she’d ever seen. She said that it was almost a half an inch long. As she killed it before telling me, I only got to see a squashed ant with his head missing. Apparently, she really bashed it with her slipper. Enough of that for now. (ick)

I have sad news to report. My new toy, the one we waited so long for, has died. I was playing with it the other night and out of the blue, the butterfly fell off of the wire. Mum had turned it on for me and I was enjoying playing with it but as she had thought, it wasn’t to be. It now lives in the garbage. The butterfly, however, still has not got that far as mum can’t find it. (giggle) It’s laying on the carpet but is resting on a flower and the colors blend very well and that makes it hard for mum to see. I’m just waiting on how long it will take her to find and throw out. Oh well, Che la vita. (That’s life)

I overheard mum talking to you on the phone the other day and she was saying that she was a little miffed with me as I had awakened her early one morning. So I thought I’d put my own two cents in. That cat was, as mum saw, just sitting there when she got to the window. However, before that, he had been saying all kinds of nasty things to me. I was very upset and that’s what all the noise was about. it was not an altercation as there was no way that I could get my claws into his rotten face. Oh well, I’m just glad that mum managed to make him go away. He hasn’t been back since. I keep looking though, and if he does come back, there will besilent altercation. That way I won’t wake her up.

I guess that’s about all that I have to report at this time. All my best to you and my cousin Jason. I’ll write again, as soon as I have anything of interest to relate to you.

Tutto il mio amore, (All my love)




2 thoughts on “Letters to Aunt Annie – 4

  1. Dog says:

    hi kitty,

    humans just don’t get the whole territory thing. you were totally justified in hissing at that other cat. if my cat cultural studies (another thing humans don’t know about) serve me, everything you see from your house window is part of your territory. the other cat had no right to say nasty things to you, ESPECIALLY since he was intruding.

    i want to ask, though – how do you handle overlapping territory? is it joint territory, or does it depend on who is looking at it right then?

    dogs have slightly simpler territory rules. if we marked it, it’s part of ours. unless it’s one of our message posts. but we sometimes tolerate overlapping territory if we like each other. woof, i guess its more complicated than i thought about. of course, i’m a big german shepherd, so territory is never a problem for me.

    in regards to bugs, a sweeter treat is your typical black beetle…as long as it isn’t a stinkbug. i have learned never to hunt bugs that do headstands. but, a little more advice for you, kitty: never eat red or orange beetles. you will get sick like the chihuahua next door did once.

    until next time


    p.s. i’m impressed with your italian, kitty. english is hard enough for me to type with my nose. i’ve been working at this post for an hour. any tips for typing with big paws?


  2. Auntie Annie says:

    My dearest niece,

    I’m impressed with your foray into foreign languages. It’s always good to learn something new and helpful. I used to speak Spanish ages ago, but have forgotten most of the words.

    Regarding that strange cat, he had no right sitting in your territory and speak to you that way. It seems society as a whole (animals and humans alike) have lost their common courtesy and common sense all at the same time. Sometimes it’s best just to turn your back and flick your tail at someone so rude rather than engage in verbal battles. These hateful creatures seem to enjoy getting others upset. Don’t give them the satisfaction.

    It’s good that you have chosen to make friends with dog. One can learn much from another species, and kindness costs little but has a lot of value.

    Oh dear, it’s after 7 p.m. and I have two more pages of work to finish. Stay cool, and don’t tease Mum by starting to claw her chair. You really don’t want to find yourself on the receiving end of the spray bottle.

    Love you!

    Auntie Annie


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