Letters to Aunt Annie – 5

Dear Aunt Annie,

It’s been a while since my last letter to you. Life gets busy, as you well know, and before you know it, months have passed. 

Mum suggested a few ideas for me to write about in order to update you on what’s been happening here and I thought that they were very good ideas for me to expound upon. (do you like my use of a big word? Mum is teaching me a few things about the English language. Words and their meaning mean a lot to her and she wants me to learn this also.)

First off, Mum keeps telling me when I do the ‘drop and roll’ that I didn’t get the memo. I wasn’t sure what she meant by this but when I asked she told me.

What it means is that most kitties, who like to have their bellies rubbed, will only tolerate it for a bare minimum of three to four pets. Anything longer and they will either bite or scratch. Now, as I don’t bite or scratch and I told Mum that I really love to have my belly rubbed, so I really don’t care if I didn’t get the memo. Whatever that is anyway?

My next subject is regarding when we’re in bed at night. Usually, when Mum gets into bed she gets the blankets and sheets arranged to her liking and then, if I’m not sleeping in the living room, I’ll come and join her on the bed. (or she may whistle for me, haha)

I’ve taken to sitting in front of her and letting her give me some good scritches, but I lift one or the other of my feet. (this started accidentally when I raised my left foot to wash it and she misunderstood). She came to the conclusion that I was asking for a rub of one or the other of my ears. So she looks to see which foot I have raised and she rubs the corresponding ear. A’int communication grand when you’ve figured out a way to get your thoughts across to someone who doesn’t speak Cat?

Finally, there is the matter of the hunt.  As you well know, I really do love to hunt, it’s a great way to keep my girlish figure. But I digress. Mum keeps killing the spiders that I’m supposed to kill. Now as I mentioned, I like to hunt as much as the next kitty, but spiders really creep me out. They creep Mum out too but other than the three spiders that I accidentally smooshed by stepping on, Mum has beaten me and is up to a grand total of seven to my three. She’s a real cracker when it comes to killing spiders.

Well, I guess that’s about all for this letter. I’ll try to be better at keeping you updated and I am sorry for the long delay since my last letter.

Sending you all my love Auntie and that comes with kisses and hugs. And by the way, would you share some of those with my cousin as well and give him my love too.

Till next time,


2 thoughts on “Letters to Aunt Annie – 5

  1. Sylvia says:

    Sounds like you and Mum are having a wonderful time learning each others’ languages. Good job! And don’t get too fussed about the spiders, they are generally harmless. I never squash them, I put ’em on a paper towel or kleenex and take them outside.

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  2. Dog says:

    dear kitty,

    my human is excellent at catching spiders. he doesn’t care if they’re in the house so much, but if his girlfriend is here, she stands on furniture and screams loud enough to hurt my ears. i feel a little guilty in saying, but it is funny to watch her jump up on the back of the sofa.

    i’m not officially allowed on the furniture, but the nice thing about some rules is that, if you ignore them long enough, your human gives up on it. i shed a lot (can’t help it, being a german shepherd) but my human’s girlfriend finally came up with the idea of putting blankets over stuff. now i can get on the couch and big comfy chair allll i want. still not allowed on the bed, but that doesn’t stop me during thunderstorms. i’d rather be UNDER it, but since i won’t fit, i settle for burrowing under blankets. i know that sounds really wimpy, but i’m not actually afraid of thunderstorms like my human believes. i just hate the NOISE. whimper whimper.

    if you want to brush up on big words, kitty, look for the big book your human has called a DICTIONARY. its got lots of words, big and small, and what they mean. i use it a lot when my human is at work, and he can’t figure out where the subtle little teeth marks on the cover came from. heh heh. i try to be gentle, but lacking thumbs, we pets must rely on our mouths. i’m sure you share in my frustration.

    also belly rubs are excellent. now that i can get on the couch, i get extras from my human during movies. soooooo niiiiiiice.

    your friend,


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