Dear Dog – 2

Dear Dog,

So very sorry to have taken a whole month before actually writing to you. I’ve been studying Mum’s dictionary and learning more new words. 

When I asked Mum if I could use her dictionary she was more than happy to leave it out for me. Now I can go and look at the pages and see all the words in that wonderful book. Thank goodness I finally learned to read as I’m really enjoying my studies.

I liked your use of the word ‘entomological’ by the way and then you used it again but a shorter version, ‘entomology’. Nice to know that there is a subject about bugs. I must ask Mum if we have an encyclopedia so that I can look up the different kinds of bugs that live here in my area.  No sense learning about the rest of them as I’ll never see any of them. I’m not an outdoor kitty, as you well know, and I’m not a traveling kitty either. (except for our trips to the vet’s office, yuck, hate those)

Been having lots of fun as well with my paper balls. I’ve got so many of them stashed around the house that it’s always easy to play with one wherever I happen to be. I make up all sorts of games with my balls and a lot of those games include my favorite purple bag. I love to chase the balls into the bag and then get them out. Then there’s the old stand-by of knock the ball under the sofa OR under Mum’s chair and then she has to tip the chair back so that I can get the ball back. It’s easier to go under the sofa as there’s lots of room under there.

So, how are you doing these days Dog? Are you getting out much and do you play with your humans much as well? What kinds of games do you play? I’d be very interested in hearing what you like best and least. (My favorite game, we don’t play often enough, is the E.R.D. – that’s short for ‘Elusive Red Dot’. One of these days I’m gonna catch that sucker.)

Well, I guess I’ll get back to my studies and I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon. (by the way, I thought it was amusing to hear that your human is confused by the lack of slobber on the keyboard.)

All my best to you and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Your friend,


Oh, and by the way, thank you so much for your birthday wishes to me. It was very much appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Dear Dog – 2

  1. Dog says:

    dear kitty,

    great to get a letter from you again! my human is on a “date” with the girlfriend, so i have free use of the computer and tv. heh heh. after this, i’m watching another episode of “send in the dogs” on youtube. its about cop dogs in another country. some of them are german shepherds like me. it’s very exciting! (also there’s this really pretty one on there named carly. wooooooooooof.)

    you are actually my only feline friend. we have a couple of outdoor cats in my neighborhood, but they’re quite mean. what’s up with that? i’m very glad you’re not an outdoor cat, i think you might not be as nice if you were. i’m mostly an indoor dog, but i have a big yard i can run around in. german shepherds like me need lots of room to run.

    my person does take me on walks every day, and we to the park a lot. i love the park! we play and run together and i can hang out with other dogs while he talks with other dog’s people. he also takes me on car rides sometimes. have you ever been to a place called PETCO? its… amazing. treats everywhere. its like heaven.

    oops, i’m drooling on the keyboard.

    vets! yuck, i don’t like visiting them either, but i still appreciate them. i got really sick one time, and my person said it was because i ate that pizza out of the garbage can on the street. i have my doubts about that theory, but whatever it was, i was SIIIIIIICK. the vet made me feel a whole lot better.

    i never got into paper balls. i slobber too much, so they get soggy. when i want to chase something, i’ve got a collection of tennis balls that my person sometimes throws for me. if i get desperate, i’ll kick them off the back steps and run after them. i love when he and i go to the park and i can chase the balls there.

    actually, i have to confess something. i own 114 tennis balls right now. i’ve been lucky to live in the same house since i was a puppy (i’m five in human years). i learned very quick that if i bury the ball under the big oak tree in the back yard, my human will think i lost it and buy me another can of them. these aren’t those cheap made-for-dogs tennis balls that fall apart when you catch them, either. my person always buys wilson balls for me! so i actually feel a little guilty about hiding all those tennis balls. i’ve got four to play with, and 110 buried under the tree.

    i’m excited to hear we have the love of THE DOT in common. i have one in my house too, and it is harder to catch than a moth! haven’t seen it in a while, though. not after i knocked over and broke a lamp trying to chase the dot under the side table. maybe i scared it off.

    by the way, what do you mean the dot is “red”? the dictionary isn’t much help here. i think i can assume the dot isn’t communist (the third definition), and i can’t ever tell any emotions, so i don’t know if its angry. the first meaning doesn’t make sense to me, but i suspect that’s what you mean. (while we’re at it, what’s “purple”?) it’s a little embarrassing to know “entomological” and not be able to understand such short words.

    thanks for your letter! i really like hearing from you and reading your blog, kitty.

    your friend,



  2. dog says:

    dear kitty,

    i don’t normally write twice in a row, i know, BUT I’M TOTALLY FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW! i don’t know what to do. maybe you can help.

    so, last night was new years eve…happy new year, by the way…and my person took his girlfriend out on a date. they got back really late, so i got to enjoy a marathon of “send in the dogs” (do you suppose karly has an email address?). when they got back, they were both very happy and the girlfriend was wearing a new ring on her finger. they were kissing by the front door forever before she went home. then my person told me he had asked the girlfriend to marry him and she’d said yes.

    i know a little about this human thing called ‘married’ – basically, they’re promising to be each others mates forever and ever – but that means SHE’LL BE MOVING IN WITH US AFTER THE WEDDING!

    okay, it isn’t her moving in i mind. i’m really happy for her and my person. the problem is her little dog, a fluffy white yipper who hates me. my person and the girlfriend think we play whenever the fluff comes over, but really, the fluff is really mean. i know that sounds silly, for a big german shepherd to be afraid of a little fluff, but she BITES when the people aren’t looking. she also steals my toys and buries them. i don’t dare bite back. i tried once and got locked in the bedroom after a major scolding. fluff sat outside the door laughing at me and taunting me all afternoon. i know it sounds bad to say, but i really hate that thing.

    and now that fluff is going to be living with me?????? i really don’t know what to do. my dog friends all say i should show her who’s alpha, but i don’t want to get locked in the bedroom again. i’ve heard cats are masters at making creatures feel unwelcome without getting into trouble…no offence, really…so i thought i’d ask…do you have any ideas, kitty? how do i handle the fluff?

    your desperate friend,



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