Ninja Me, Ninja You

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Me and Mum were talking and we thought it would be a great idea to finally post this series of pictures. Mum has taken them over the last few months.

I’ve grown into my full size but I’m still rather small, according to Mum. She says that all three of my brothers (whom I never met) were quite a bit bigger, but I’ll never be able to see that difference because they all crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. The last was Soon-Yi, a.k.a. Soony, who went over the bridge about a month before Mum brought me home.

She tells me that she misses all three of them very much but she’s so happy that I came home to live with her. I do kind of find it lonely because it’s only just me and her. I kinda remember my littermates but the memories are fading. I’d love to have another brother or sister to play with but Mum’s not quite sure if that will ever happen.

At any rate, it’s not so bad just the two of us because I love being able to snuggle up with her in bed. We keep each other warm, and we play with the E.R.D. and I have a whole basket of toys that include ‘nip. (read “Regarding “Nip“!, That will bring you up to speed.)

I do love my ‘nip. It makes me very happy and I find myself running around the house at break-neck speed. Mum laughs when she sees me playing. Then I’ve got my paper balls. I am always looking for more of them as they get lost, or attach themselves to dust bunnies from the laundry room. It’s not very nice when you pick up a ball and end up with a dust bunny in your mouth. Gotta spit that out right quick.  😉 , yeuck!

Every time Mum comes home from the grocery store she has this paper that she used to scrunch up and make me a new paper ball but lately, she’s taken to just throwing the paper away because she tells me that I have enough paper balls. There’s a whole bag full of them that hangs off of the mantle. Once in a while, Mum will take the bag down and open it wide enough for me to stick my face in and pull one out. If I take too long she’ll take the bag away from me and grab a couple and throw them on the floor for me to play with. At any given time I have at the very least about five or six balls lying somewhere on the floor. Could be under the good chair or down the hall.

We still play fetch with them. Usually, that play time happens when Mum is in the bathroom and she’s a “captive audience”, lol. She’s got a wicked throw that she calls her curve ball and I swear, those throws usually end up going around the door frame and flying down the hall. I don’t know how she does it, (neither does she) but I am telling you the truth when I mention her ‘curve ball’. For the most part, I don’t bring the ball in close enough for her to pick up so those play times don’t last very long.

My most favorite game is combining my paper ball with my purple bag, (you can see it in one of the pictures above). I try to get the ball in the bag and then I try to get it out of the bag. Mum laughs at me because sometimes I even get into the bag to get the ball out.

My last thoughts on this post are of my Ninja Ways. I’m really getting good. Mum can barely feel me grab her leg and let it go as she’s going past or over top of me and she tells me that I’m getting good too. It’s nice to have confirmation that I’m getting better all the time.

Well, I guess that’s about it, for the time being. Thanks for dropping by, we hope you enjoyed your visit. You might like to visit our other blog if the urge strikes you. If you liked this post, would you leave a comment? And if you really liked it, would you maybe “share” the post? We’d really appreciate it. Thanks again!

Meow for now!


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