Life of a Ninja Cat

Hi there. Me and mum were talking and we (she) decided to talk about my growing Ninja Ways.

When I first started practicing to be a ‘Ninja Cat’, (was it only one year ago? sigh… time flies.) I would run at mums legs when she was getting into bed. It was a safe way of practicing and ensuring that I didn’t knock mum over. That’s most important, we DO NOT hurt our mums.

Mum would always critique me after these sessions but I eventually lost interest in ‘Ninja Ways’.  That was last year. Now, this year I decided to pick up the training again.  I started out just running straight at mum in a frontal attack but she would always tell me that I needed to ‘sneak up’ from behind. It took a while for that to sink in but I’m now attacking from the rear and mum tells me that my skills are improving, greatly. One of these days I’ll be able to make a ‘Ninja Ways’ attack and have mum fall into her chair. I’m not ever going to attack with intentions to hurt. That is NOT My Way. So my ‘Ninja Ways’ skills training will continue until I can effectively attack mum in the way that I have deemed correct.

Now, on to another subject that is close to my heart. I love birds. I love to watch them from the window ledge in the living room. If I sit quietly and do not make any sudden moves, then I’m able to see the birds up close, when they land on the bushes outside my window. If I move, then they fly off. That makes me sad, but I get so excited that I am so very close that I could almost touch them and I just have to move.  😦

Well, about a month ago I was snoozing on the back of mums chair and mum was watching something on that strange box that she calls a ‘tv’? Anyway, I saw movement inside that box and that movement was birds. I jumped down off the chair and rushed over to the box and sat looking up at it, watching the birds moving. I wondered how mum had gotten those birds to do all that stuff that I was seeing. (Mum must be magical if she can get a bunch of birds and fit them into that box. I’m extremely impressed with all the things that mum can do, but this one takes the cake.)

I got so excited about those birds that I jumped up on the ledge in front of the box and after mums several attempts to get me off the ledge, she turned that box off and no more birds. I was so sad. 😦

Last week mum told me that she had a present for me and she told me that it was a “movie”. What’s a movie? I had no idea what that was, but after mum did something with that little box that sits below the big box that I saw the birds in, (the little box that has a magical drawer that opens all by itself), the big box erupted into a flurry of bird activity. Mum said that she’d “put it on” for me whenever I wanted to see it.

I have now seen those birds four times in the last week, and I am in Seventh Heaven. I fell asleep one time when the movie was on, so mum turned it off.  Mum said that the movie was mine forever and that made me jump with joy.

I guess that’s it for news from Life with Luna. I hope to see you next time and in the meantime, I do hope that you have enjoyed reading about my ‘Ninja Ways’ skills and the improvement I have gained over the last few months now that I’ve gotten the hang of the ‘attack from the rear’.

Meow for now and love you all!


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