It’s Been a While

Me and mum have had some fun over the last month since my last posting. We’ve been busy playing and mum has been even more busy writing her story that she began about twenty years ago. I don’t know much about that because I wasn’t around, but take it from me, mum HAS been busy with the writing and research.

Mum told me last week that she ordered something for me and that it would be here this week, perhaps Tuesday or Wednesday.  Well…. it arrived today (Monday) and mum was dancing with joy. She opened the envelope and out came a video. Now, what would I want with a video? (I can’t read so I didn’t know what it was for or what was on it).

Well, mum opened the package, turned on the blue-ray and loaded that video into it.  Now it was my turn to start dancing with joy. She told me last week that she was ordering a bird video but I never put two and two together. I remember when mum watched that show about a month ago and I saw the birds on the television and I was over there like a shot. I sat and stared up at the tv and I was mesmerized by all those birds. I loved it. So now mum, remembering how much I enjoyed watching those birds, found the same video “on-line” (whatever that is) and she ordered it.

We just finished watching the show. I sat in front of the tv and craned my neck up to watch those birds. Then my neck got tired so I climbed up to the back of mum’s chair and watched the rest of it. I fell asleep for a bit but managed to catch the last few minutes of the show. (I can be found on the back of mum’s chair most any day. It’s a great place to view the entire room and kick mum in the head while I’m having a wash.) Mum did tell me that she would put “my video” on whenever I asked, so I’m very, very happy.

I guess that’s about it for now. Thank you for coming, we’d really appreciate it if you would visit our other blog….. ( We hope you enjoyed your visit.  If you liked this post, would you leave a comment? And if you really liked it, would you maybe “share” the post? We’d really appreciate it. Thanks again!

Meow for now! 

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