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It’s been quite some time since me and mum made any preparations or talked about posting on my blog. (Personally, mum has been busy sorting out papers and such in her search for the story she started writing many years ago, long before I was a gleam in my great, great, great, great….. (you get the idea) eyes.

At any rate, I just barely managed to grab her today so that we could post about some of the things I’ve been up to for the last little while. I keep busy at times, running around the house. Mum always says that I sound like a “terd of hefelumps” when I come running up the hall. (For those who are not familiar with A.A. Milne, author of Winnie the Pooh, that’s a term that he used, the hefelumps, that is.)

Mum’s always yelling at me when she’s in her office and I come in and begin scratching at the back of her chair. She doesn’t like it and she tells me all the time that I’m going to get stuck one of these days. Well, ….. that day happened about two weeks ago. I was SO STUCK that I had to climb the chair and balance on the back of it. Mum raced to stand up and grab me before I lost my balance and fell. That would have been a real hurt to my foot. She was finally able to tell me, “I told you so” and “you won’t be doing that again, anytime soon”. But just the next day I was at it again.

That was about the same time that mum asked my Auntie if she would come down to help with my manicure. Mum didn’t mean it, but at the time when they were doing my nails, the clipper slipped and nipped me hard. I cried out but mum was so sorry. She said she didn’t mean it and I believed her. And I was so proud of myself for not biting or scratching mum to get back at her. We love each other and that means forgiving.

I guess that’s just about it for now. I will definitely be getting on mum’s back over the next few weeks about more posts and at regular intervals, with none of this three months between. I’m really sorry about that.

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Meow for now!

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