Meowy Catmas

Me and mum did NOT talk about what I was going to put in this post because it’s my blog and I’m getting tired of mum railroading me into spouting about stuff that she wants to write about.

I’m so excited. It’s almost Catmas and I wanted to wish all my followers a very, merry Catmas. (This tag goes to Cole & Marmalade, who I believe coined this phrase originally. I could be wrong but I’m giving them the credit.) I really do like Cole & Marmalade. I think they are both very handsome dudes but I’m gaga over Marmalade in particular. At any rate, that’s my wish for all of you.

Mum has become my personal dealer to the drug world. I heard mum saying the other day when she was talking to my Aunt Annie on that funny thing that she holds up to her ear, that I’m a “nasty drunk”. Then she laughed madly at something that my Aunt said and they continued their conversation. I’m not certain what that means, “a nasty drunk”.

But when mum gives me my fix of “nip”, I just go crazy and charge around the house and playing with anything that gets in my way. The last time I actually bit mum. Oh, not hard, I didn’t draw blood but….. oh! was that what mum meant when she said I was a “nasty drunk”?

Oh well, I’m keeping this post short, and once more I wish all a Meowy Catmas and a Howlin’ Mew Year! 🙂

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