Getting Along?

Me and mum talked about what I wanna put in this next post, and we agreed, mostly her, that we’d talk about how I play and she yells at me and I yell at her when she picks up my paper balls or some other toy. Mum often calls me a “brat” because I do things that she’s not terribly fond of. Like pushing stuff off the desk. Getting up on the keyboard of her laptop. (It’s nice and warm there and sometimes mum lets me do that.) But when it comes to my toys, I feel justified in that she, mum, shouldn’t touch them. Of course, there’s always “fetch” time, and that activity takes place in the bathroom. But when she picks up my toys to put away, I get very mad because she doesn’t need them, or want them, I don’t think?

Mum always explains that she’s just putting my toys away because I’m so lazy about picking up my belongings. I really don’t care about that because they are mine and I like them just where I leave them. So I yell at her about touching my things and she goes on doing just that. I think that we need to sit down and have a chat about these problems. I’ll let you know if we get to a point where we’re both okay with this kind of “stuff”.

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Meow for now!

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