Regarding “Nip”!

Me and Mum were talking about this most recent post and we decided that we’d write about a mixture of stuff.¬†Regarding “nip”: Mum has got some real primo stuff for me. I saw the container and knew what it was but when I knocked it on the floor to play with Mum grabbed it quick and put it up high so I couldn’t get at it. I really want some more but Mum says I have to be patient and wait for Christmas. Then I’ll get all sorts of toys with the stuff all over it. (I peaked last night and saw Mum searching for her little baggies so she could stuff toys into them with the “nip”. Don’t tell Mum that I saw, okay?)

I really still love my paper balls. Mum captured a video of me playing with one of my paper balls and my purple bag. It’s a great game I make of it where I throw the ball over the bag and then try to get it back. It takes a bit of time because I have to stalk the ball and get it in the correct position in order to get it in the bag. That’s the first part of the game.

The second part of the game is trying to get the ball in the bag and then trying to get the ball out of the bag. When I finally get that ball out I can begin to throw it around again and start the game all over again. It’s harder to talk and write it down when it’s easy to watch. (Mum is going to try a new thing and see if she can post that video. It’s just over one minute long.

Well, I guess that’s about it for now. ¬†(Mum here, sorry, but I am unable, at this time, to add that video.)

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Meow for now!

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