Rant on Animal Abusers

Mum and me were talking about this next post and we both agreed on what we were going to write about. People who abuse animals need to be found and advised that they shouldn’t be allowed to have an animal in their lives, ever again. In fact, we believe so much so that we decided animal abusers need to be strung up by their toes and dangled above crocodile infested waters.  (Permanently)

We recently viewed a video that portrayed a dog that was screaming while a woman was trying to pet it. This poor dog had such a mistrust of humans that it thought (we believe) that ALL humans were out to abuse it and cause it pain.

The video didn’t show how long it took, but eventually, the woman was able to convince it that no pain was forthcoming and it need not be mistrustful of humans ever again.
This video makes us wonder just what the poor dog had gone through in order for it to carry on the way it did. It must have been horrendous and it convinced the dog to not trust humans. This is so sad and like we said above, people like that need to be treated by dangling them above croc-infested waters.

We’ve seen other videos where animals were so badly abused that we have cried on occasion and we don’t like those in humanity that are like that. How dare they treat any animal so badly that the animal won’t trust a human.

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Meow for now!

3 thoughts on “Rant on Animal Abusers

  1. Janet says:

    I agree. People can be so evil to one another and poor kids and animals. What is wrong with humanity? Love one and all and treat all as u would be treated. With kindness and love and respect. How freaking hard is that?!?!?

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