Best Seat in the House

Me and mum were talking about the next post and we decided to write about my favourite spots to “lounge”.

I started out sleeping on an old chair in the living room that mum has owned for many years. It’s got a comfy cushion and a wonderful pillow to lean back against. There’s another really nice pillow on the seat that is so very snuggably fun. And finally, a small blue pillow that sits at the front of the chair and gives me a space to stay hidden. (I laugh because even though I’m about five feet away from mum, she can’t see me when I’m on that chair.)

The next chair is a lounge chair. It’s got a blanket on it that I can move around to any position I want. It has two pillows with happy cat faces on them and finally, it has “Bob”, the cutest Minion, from the original Minion’s movie that shows how the Minions came to be. I just love Bob.

The next seat in the house is the back of mum’s Lazy-Boy chair. I love to lie above her head and sometimes kick her on the head or push one of my back feet into her ear. Lotsa fun. Mum will get ticked off with me at times when I do stuff like that but she never ever gets angry.

Finally, my last place that I love to lay on is mum’s really good chair. She used to yell at me to get off but doesn’t any longer. She does, however, yell at me when I use the chair as a scratching post. She gets really mad at me and yells very loudly. I don’t really like to get yelled at so I stop scratching, for a bit. There’s lots of yelling that’s been going on lately because I continue to scratch.

My most favourite of the four chairs is the back of mum’s Lazy-Boy because I can move down from the top and snuggle up on mums chest. She really loves it when I snuggle with her.


Right now, however, The Best Seat, in the House just happens to be the lounge chair. The reason for that, and I’ve just discovered this, the heater blows warm air over me and I can keep nice and warm and not need a blanket like I do in bed.

That’s about it for now. Thanks for dropping by, we hope you enjoyed your visit. If you liked this post, would you leave a comment? And if you really liked it, could you maybe “share” the post too? We’d really appreciate it. Thanks again!

Meow for now!

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