I Don’t Know How to Sepll

Me and mum were talking about this post and what we’d include in it. She, mum, decided that we’d post about my indecision when she asks me questions. Personally, I’m really hooked on the idea but mum is the one typing the blog. (So I don’t have as much say about what goes in here). Besides, I don’t know how to spell and that counts for something, right?

When we’re playing and I don’t give mum an answer to one of her questions she’ll go… well? What’s your answer? “yes…? no…?, maybe…?, I’ll think about it…?, don’t hold your breath…?, I don’t know…?, and finally,  forget about it…?”

My answer at any given time could be one of those but I like to keep her guessing and make her answer it herself. She’s not really happy about making that decision because she could pick a toy that I don’t want to play with at that time.

Why should I answer her when she can make that decision, let her figure it out. All I know is that I like to play with the E.R.D. (see March 21/16 for those who don’t know what it is) and it’s so much fun to play with. I only wish that mum pulled it out more often so I can play and enjoy it more.

Meow for now!

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