Drop & roll – Bend & rub

Me and mum were talking about this post and she talked me into posting what the title above says.

I often will drop and roll right in front of mum and invite her to rub my belly. I love to do this but sometimes mum can’t bend and rub my belly because of her back problems. And, sometimes, when I drop and roll it’s so close to mum’s feet that she almost steps on me. She will speak sternly to me to not do that and at other times my drop and roll doesn’t work correctly because I’m too close to the wall or a shoe or something.

Mum worries quite a lot about my drop and roll’s when I’m too close to something. She’s afraid that I may hurt myself. There have been a couple of times where I did come close to hurting myself but mum was able to bend and pull me away from where I could have hurt myself. It’s usually the wall and mum says that she will always try to make sure that I don’t hurt myself.

She’s even promised me that she won’t let me fall and she’s been good about that promise. There was, one time, a fall where mum couldn’t save me. I was on the bed and mum was in bed and when I did my d&r, I was too close to the edge of the bed and mum couldn’t move fast enough to catch me. She was so very sorry about that and of course I forgave her. It really wasn’t her fault that I fell. And, that fall was just a few inches and I didn’t get hurt at all.

I guess that’s about it for the time being. I’ll discuss my next post with mum and hopefully we can decideΒ the content of the next post. For the most part mum will go with my suggestions but sometimes she’ll tell me that what I want on the post won’t happen.

Meow for now! Β  πŸ˜‰

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