Mum – Yes … Luna – No

Mum and me were talking about my next post earlier. I told her I didn’t want her to do it and she told me she would. Well …. Mum won because she knows how to spell and I don’t, so … here goes

Mum here:  With the onset of our hot weather, it has been affecting Luna badly. (If you’re a cat, you’ll understand.) Hot weather and fur coats just don’t go well together.  Luna has really been suffering from the heat, where she got so she wasn’t eating much, and avoiding all cuddles, even at night. She really loves to cuddle on my chest while I’m watching t.v. or when I’m at the computer. (Kind of hard to type with a cat on your chest, **snort.)

So, for the last, almost two weeks, Luna hasn’t insisted on her snuggle/cuddle bit. She’s even avoided the back of my chair and I’ve missed that. When on the back of my chair, Luna would always announce that she was “coming down for a cuddle”. Never mind if it was not the best time, she was coming and her little squeak was unmistakable. It was different enough that I got to recognize it and would prepare myself for “Her Highness”.

So anyway, the last few days have cooled down enough that Luna was coming back to bed with me. I was absolutely delighted to have her back to snuggling with her old mum. I’d missed it.

Now today, while I was at my computer (I was taking a short break to watch a friend’s video) when Luna jumped up onto my desk and approached me with the full intentions of coming “on board”, and I let her do it.

We were loving each other and she was insisting that I rub her left ear. For some reason she really enjoys having that ear rubbed more than the right one, so I was being accommodating. After a few moments I felt a wetness on my hand and realized she was drooling. (never done that before). I called her on it and we giggled, but all of a sudden there was a foul smell. She’d passed some gas and it was BAD, with a Capital B.

“Luna,” I said,, “you just farted and it’s putrid, I can’t breathe.” (When Luna first came home she had a gaseous problem due to the change in her food. Once she was used to the new food, the gassy state abated.)

Luna was very indignant with my comments about her “odor” and she jumped over my shoulder to the floor. I got myself up out of the chair for the trek to the bathroom and she followed me all the way down there. We talked on the walk and I told her that this little episode of hers was going to be the next installment on the “Life with Luna”blog. She argued with me all the way back to my office, and that’s where it remained. As you can see, Mum won the argument, hands/paws down.

By the way, Luna wants to say,   Meow for now.



16 thoughts on “Mum – Yes … Luna – No

  1. Anne McDonald says:

    Uggghh! Cat gas is the worst. I hope Miss Luna get’s back to “normal” and that you are spared any more adventures of that sort. Hugs and scritches to my niece.

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  2. JB West says:

    My Bobbi Cat (female, by the way) loves to be around me and the laptop. If I want to get a little hugging and purring, I just have to get it out. Oh year, here she comes, my sweet girl. And, what I really wanted to say, is that when we first moved to the desert we had another cat with really thick fur, We had her shaved. She was so happy. It sounds weird, but true. She also loved lying in the bathroom sink–cooler I guess. Look forward to more adventures.

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  3. bloggeray says:

    Hello there,
    This is pretty unique for a guy like me, a cat-post, and maybe even a whole cat-blog. Nonetheless, the post was great, with a lovely mix of humour to boot.
    Thank you for the follow on my blog. Happy blogging. God bless. 😊

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    • lifewithlunacat says:

      I’m so happy that you enjoyed it. I love hearing from people that they like my posts for Luna. She’s a great little kitten who is gaining in numbers over her mum’s blog. She’s laughing up her sleeve at me… I hope you drop by again, and you are welcome on the follow.

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  4. keenlifeblog says:

    Your style of writing is distinct and impressive. I never owned a cat but I have had a lot of them around them. Basically this one stray cat has been coming to our house since quite some time now. Since when she was a kitten. And now she has given birth to 4 kittens who are literally the most energetic and jolly creatures I have seen. Jumping around and playing. They recognize me, they know me, aren’t afraid of me but don’t let me touch them :p

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