Paper Balls

It happened quite by accident. I was scrunching up a receipt from a store where I shop, preparing to throw it in the garbage. The sound of the paper being scrunched caught Luna’s attention.

So, on a lark, I threw the scrunched receipt and Luna tore after it, like a bat out of hell. She smelled it, batted it about,  then, deciding that she liked it, picked it up and trotted over to me. Being paper it sort of stuck to her tongue, so instead of just dropping it, she spit it out at my feet.

Thus said, the “art of paper balls” was born and I dubbed Luna a ‘retriever’. We even play fetch in the mornings while I’m still in bed. I will throw the “ball” out of the bedroom and Luna will charge after it and return to my bed, drop the ball and wait for me to throw it again. Some mornings she will retrieve the ball four or five times before tiring of the game. Other mornings she will bring it back once or twice.

I guess that Luna loves the chase more, but she absolutely loves her paper balls.

2 thoughts on “Paper Balls

  1. Anne McDonald says:

    Are you going to teach her how to make her own paper balls? Our Inky could have given her lessons, but then you’d have to worry about hiding all of your paper.

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