The Terrible Two’s

The ” terrible two’s”! When and how long ago was that phrase coined? This thought and many more leave us guessing and inquiring minds want to know. I’ll probably never get that information, but I’ve just found out that they’re hard to deal with. My Luna has just grown into that age. 

She is constantly trying my patience. She tries to get away with terrible deeds and will see just how far she can push me. I know, for those parents of human children, they know what I speak and I’m sure they are sniggering up their sleeves at me. I’ve never had human children. I’ve only parented my many fur babies. And it’s been so long since my last baby that I’ve quite forgot about this awful period. I really don’t remember that phase with any of my babies.

Ahh well, on to bigger and better thoughts, deeds and tricks. (Luna is currently trying to see if she can get into the kitchen garbage can. That’s going to be a trick and a half if she can do it.) I’m off to see what new devious acts she’s up to. She is constantly testing her limits!

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