Mum and me have been talking about what we want to put in my next post. We decided to talk about the life-cycle of our fur-babies and what a commitment it is. We take on a responsibility and pledge to each other that the human will be there for the baby, for the lifetime of that animal.

It’s important because for the human, the life of that animal is only a portion of the human lifetime. But for the animal, the human is their WHOLE life. They depend on you for everything so you need to make that commitment. It just isn’t fair for you to give an animal up simply because the cat or dog or bunny was just a fleeting fancy that you wanted. So, making this promise to your fur-baby is only fair to the animal. Don’t get one if you can’t commit your life to them.

My mum is very much committed to me as she was to all her other fur-babies that came before. She was there for them, for their whole life and was even there when it came time to let them go, due to an illness or their age. She promised each and everyone of them that she would be there right to the end and she’s NEVER broken that promise. I know that she’ll be there for me too. She loves me that much that she’s made that commitment to me. And I love her very much for making that promise.

This has been a Public Service Announcement: No animals were harmed while writing this post.

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