Climbing the Chair

Luna nails in my best chair and me, egging her on to get her nails out of the fabric. It wasn’t happening, even with her trying, desperately, to get her nails un-stuck. Uh uh, no way Jose. With each foot released from the fabric, the other one would get stuck just a little higher.  So in order for one foot to be released, the other one had to be higher, she was starting to go up on tippy-toes. Her feet kept going higher and at one point she made the decision… “if I can’t get loose and keep my back feet on the floor, there’s only one way to do it. Climbing is the only option!” And just like that, the back feet dug into the chair and she began climbing. Foot by foot  (hers) once she got to the top, all nails released and end of story.

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