August 12, 2016

The Fly Hunt / Safari

When ever there is a flying critter in the house, Luna always look like she’s strung out on some drug. The leaps, pirouettes, the rolls and charges, up and down the hallway, sounding like a herd of elephants. The moves she makes are like a professional acrobat. She flies herself, at times, and sails over, under and into a myriad of general household items sitting in different areas of the house.

Just recently, Luna has taken to pulling my towel from the rack, just so she can study the wall. Personally, I think she’s doing it to experience it falling on her head. But go figure, how do you understand a 9 month old kitten?

Auntie says:

My auntie calls me a “twerp” because of the things I do that mum tells her about. I love to sharpen my  nails on mum’s good chair, and I love to get up on the t.v. table and block the picture. Mum will yell at me and I just look at her, but when she gets up, that’s when I know I’m in trouble.  She doesn’t spank me but I know she means business. I just like to do it to ruffle her feathers.

Auntie keeps telling mum to buy a spray water bottle so she can shoot me with water when I do that stuff. So far, mum has resisted. But just lately, mum picked up her slipper and threw it at me and got me smack in the face. Mum felt so bad about that. She said she wasn’t aiming for my face but that’s where it hit. And right there she promised me that she would never throw her slipper at me again. So now she’s thinking that the water bottle is definitely a better idea.

Auntie told mum she should get a bottle for each room in the house but mum said nah, didn’t need that many. Then Auntie reminded mum about how she had to yell to get mum to look behind her when they were on google hang-outs. Auntie saw that I was trying to take things off of mum’s cork board. That’s when mum decided that, yeah, she’d get two. Then mum remembered about my obsession with the laundry basket in the bedroom.

I love to play in it with my toys, and sometimes I leave the toys in there so they get washed. That’s happened a couple of times. But I also knock the basket over and mum is getting tired of picking it up all the time. So now we’re up to three water bottles. Guess that means I’d better start behaving. I certainly don’t look forward to getting wet.


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