July 3, 2016

The name is Loco Luna! I play hard! I play fast! I play loose! (I always wanted to say that.)

Mum says I have springs for legs. I can hop from the floor to the counter top and land on my back legs. It’s so very easy to do. Mum and me have lots of talks about what I want to put into my next post; like the business about springs in my legs and how I’m low and compact so that I don’t have far to drop and roll for my belly rubs. Mum always laughs when she sees me do the drop.

We talked about the way us cats prepare to pounce on our victims. There is a sort of wiggle in the back end, just prior to the ‘attack’. The bum comes up, the wiggle ensues and then the pounce. Mum despaired of me ever learning the cat attack, but I surprised her and figured out, on my own, how to do it. Mum just cheers when she sees me do the “pounce”.

I love playing in the hall, with my paper ball, just outside the bathroom. The hall is so long and makes a great spot for charging after the ball. But mum has recently started closing the bathroom door so that I can’t play in there. The reason she says is because I get my nails caught in the mat under the sink. So sometimes my ball ends up going under the door and I try to get it back. But sometimes I catch the mat and it ends up in the hall. And I don’t even get the ball back. Mum gets a little frustrated by this but she never yells at me. She just moves the mat further away.

My latest trick is really cool. The other day I was in mum’s office and I turned off the answering machine. Mum’s still scratching her head over that one. Not sure if I’ll ever tell her. Oh well, that’s it for this post. Thank you very much for visiting and will have lots of fun stuff to talk about next time. (that is if mum remembers to write it down.)

Meow for now!

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