June 1, 2016

Mum laughs at me all the time. She says that I am a crazy girl. I really don’t know why because I don’t do silly things. But she tells me that when she sees my frog flying by, or when my paper ball goes rolling along, with me right after it, or when I go trotting by with the ball in my mouth; that’s when she tells me that I’m a crazy girl. She also says that I am a full-blooded retriever. We play fetch with the frog or paper ball in the mornings while Mum is still in bed. She does the throwing and I do the fetching.

Crazy or not, little does she know that I am honing my Ninja skills. Practicing so that I can show her my domination over her. I’ve heard it said, “dogs have masters, cats have staff”. But it’s not “staff” they have, it’s “servants”. I am continually training Mum, without her knowing it, to do the things I want her to do so that I can have a leisurely life.

I was playing with my frog in the living room one day and all of a sudden I heard mum begin to laugh. She told me that she saw my frog go flying by at her eye level. She was sitting in her chair at the time. She thought that seeing a flying frog, that it was so funny that there was nothing to do but laugh.

So my ninja skills are a work in progress. I sometimes practice them when Mum is getting into bed. I will run at her legs as she’s getting into the bed and wrap my front legs around them, then take off down the hall. It’s a good thing that the short hall in front of our room is a quick jog round the corner, otherwise I’d crack my head on the wall if I wasn’t careful.

The other place that needs a lot more practice is when she is in the bathroom. I will get into the tub and try to catch her arm through the shower curtain. The tub is such a fun place to play, and the drumming effects are wonderful to hear. But just today, in the living room, I charged Mum from in front. She laughed and said, “Ninja skills don’t work in a frontal attack”. Now how did she know I’ve been honing my ninja skills I wonder? (Mum here – Luna talks in her sleep but I’m not telling her that.) More news later.

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