May 6, 2016

First there was Ding-a-Ling Ming! Then came Loofa-the-Lump, or sometimes just Loofa-Lump. Following himself there was Soon-yi a.k.a Loonie-Soon-yi. Now it’s my time; Luna! Or also known, as mum dubbed me, Loco Luna.

I just love my new home. I feel so, comfy, here. There’s a lot of things to keep me busy and comfortable. Of course, some of the things that I do do, has mum yelling at me. Like trying to use my lounge chair as a scratching post, or kicking her on the head. You see, I have found a great spot for watching the television and being close to mum. The back of her chair is a great spot and I’m in close contact with mum. So, every once in a while, I find myself kicking her on the head, or tapping her. It makes her crazy when I do these things, but they are just so much fun, I find that it’s hard to stop. Last night, after I’d kicked her head a couple of times, she got up to go in the kitchen and while she was coming around the chair I had a very big yawn and she stuck her finger in my mouth. Makes for an incomplete yawn when that happens. Don’t you just hate it when something interrupts a yawn?

I also LOVE playing in the tub. Hiding between the shower curtains and trying to grab mum’s arm or just playing with my tail in there. The sounds are so lovely, lots of echoes and wonderful drumbeats, very nice percussion. I also have a very bad habit of playing with my tail while I’m in bed with mum, early in the mornings. She does like to sleep late as her bed time is very, very late. But when I’m playing with my tail, I’m bouncing into her leg or jumping under the top sheet, trying to catch her fingers when she’s trying to get straightened out. This drives her absolutely bonkers and she sometimes will pick me up, carry me to the hall and then jump back into her room and closes the door, really quickly.

And, if I’m not playing on the bed, I’m in the window-sill looking for bugs outside or calling to the tiny spider that has taken to crawling all over the ceiling. It just ignores me, but my calling also disturbs mum from falling back to sleep. Or, just simply playing in the closet with the laundry hamper. Drives her crazy when I do that because I usually knock it over and I leave toys in there too. (Mum just did laundry today and found one of my toy mouses in the dryer. It seems I left it in the hamper.)

Well, guess that’s enough news for the time-being. I would like to thank those people who liked my page and I have a favor to ask; I hope that everyone who reads my page will share it. I’d love to get to know more people. Thanks again and see you next time.

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