April 15, 2016

I am very sorry that I haven’t written anything in 18 days. A lot of things have happened to me in that time. So I will endeavor to list some of the events that have happened in this time.

Mum and I have continued our habit of play time with the E.R.D. Mum has said to many people that I’m a very smart girl as I know exactly what she means when she says that it’s time to play with the E.R.D. So we play after Mum has gone over everything on her iPad, like reading all the posts that have been added overnight. I do so love playing with the E.R.D. and once we’re done, I get my treats. They are very delicious.

I received an envelope just this past week. It had hand-drawn pictures of me. They were done by my Mum’s friend from Wyoming, who she calls Kaz, you can see one of them above. I just loved the pictures that were in the envelope. Kaz also sent a poem and a short story that she wrote. Mum read them to me and they were very nice.

The last thing that I should mention was my visit yesterday, to the vet. I had an operation and as a result of that, I have not played with the E.R.D. Mum wants me to be feeling better before we play in the morning again.

I will write more in a few more days and tell you about the hunt I have been involved in; I have been after a fly that is going around the house and will not let me catch him.

Again, I do thank you for visiting my page and I would be delighted if you share it. Bye for now!

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