March 27, 2016

Well, it’s been close to a week since my first report. I’ve gotten to know my new home fairly well and mum and I have been busy getting into a regular routine. When we get up in the morning, mum goes over her facebook info and her email, then we get to play with the E.R.D. (gosh I just love the E.R.D.). So then I get to have my treats. Mum watches her news and then attends to things that need to be looked after around the house with one of the main chores being my litter box. I have heard mum talking to friends and she tells them I’m very smart. I tried to call the R.C.M.P. one day. Then I figured out how to open one of the cupboards in the kitchen. I’ve already figured out how the E.R.D. works, but my latest trick was turning off mum’s computer tonight. Well, guess that’s about all for now. Thanks again for visiting and see you next time!

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